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The User – a Thousand-Headed Monster?

Image by Juho Hiilivirta for Antti Pirinen's essay in The Finnish Architectural Review 4/2014. Image by courtesy of ARK.

Antti Pirinen, who recently finished his doctor of arts degree at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, His dissertation entitled Dwelling as Product: Perspectives on Housing, Users and the Expansion of Design (Aalto ARTS Books 2014) argued that dwelling increasingly resembles other industrial products and as such, should be approached as a composite adaptive product embedded in material reality that mediates the intentions of producers, designers, …

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More Fashion in Architecture

Gloria High Fashion Day; Helsinki Fashion Weekend Anna Ruohonen Kuva: Leena Aro

Jonni Roos, art historian and cultural journalist, encourages architects to have more awareness of the transitionary contemporary – just like they do in the fashion business. By courtesy of the Finnish Architectural Review 3/2014, we are proud to re-publish his insightful essay on the complex relationship between architecture and fashion. More Fashion in Architecture Fashion is deeply human in that it is present at …

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Archimedes’ principle: Arctia Headquarters by K2S Architects

Arctia Shipping Headquarters, Helsinki 2013, by K2S Architects. Photo: Mika Huisman.

The buoyantly big floating office of Arctia Headquarters by K2S Architects has won well-deserved acclaim, most recently the Popular Choice prize in the Office Building Low Rise (1-4 Floors) category of Architizer A+ Awards 2014. By courtesy of the Finnish Architectural Review, we are happy to re-published architect Juha Ilonen’s perceptive essay about the building, which was published in the Finnish Architectural Review, …

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Hilla Rudanko: Thoughts on architecture as change catalyst

Drawing ideas for new doors. Sra Pou Vocational School in Cambodia (Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen, 2010–2012). Photo: Anssi Kankkunen.

Is contemporary architecture nothing but competition for the most fashionable building design? Can architecture really affect the quality of life? Architect Hilla Rudanko writes about the Sra Pou project in Cambodia. Read more about socially responsible architecture and the new roles of an architect. Thoughts on architecture as change catalyst Last week we discovered that The Architectural Review had picked …

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