Award-winning restoration of Eliel Saarinen’s church in Estonia revives the tradition of architectural cooperation between the sister nations

St. Paul's Church. photo: Jari Jetsonen

During its hundred years of existence, St. Paul’s Church in Tartu has experienced a lot, from almost falling into ruins after wartime bombings to being used as a Soviet sports museum. Now the church has been repaired to match its original glory. The extensive restoration and renovation project continues the tradition of early 20th century Finnish architects working actively on …

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The Finnish Association of Women Architects Architecta celebrates its 75 year jubilee

Architecta's excursion to Denmark in 1951. photo: Salme Setälä / Architecta’s archives, The National Archives

Finland has been a forerunner of gender equality in architecture education: the first woman graduated as architect in Helsinki already in the 19th century. Pirkko-Liisa Schulman, Chair of Architecta, talks about the birth of the association and its activities since 1942. The article has been published in the Finnish Architectural Review 2/2017. In celebration of its 75 year jubilee Architecta …

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The Venice Biennale Golden Lion awarded to Finland – exactly 20 years ago

The experimental leisure-time studio in Puolarmaari, Espoo in 1992. Photo: Jussi Tiainen.

Finland has received the highest award at the Architecture Biennale in Venice – the Golden Lion – only once. It happened twenty years ago, in the autumn of 1996. The Leone d’oro was awarded quite unexpectedly to a group of young Finnish architects who had designed and built an unusual translucent forest studio in Espoo in Finland. “The Group”, comprised …

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Wow! That euphoric feeling! An anniversary interview with Juha Leiviskä

Juha Leiviskä

Juha Leiviskä, who turned 80 this March, has had a stressful spring. The media has been bugging him for his opinion on the big questions facing architecture, though his head is still reeling from an arduous trip to London. The Architectural Review had invited Leiviskä to assess numerous sacral buildings for the AR Faith Awards. — It was shocking. During …

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The Finnish Architectural Review 2/2016: New ideas for an agile information centre

Hanna Harris, Director of the Architecture Information Centre Finland. Photo: Niclas Mäkelä.

By courtesy of the Finnish Architectural Review (Arkkitehti), we are proud to re-publish Paula Holmila’s recent interview with Hanna Harris, the new director of the Architecture Information Centre Finland. New ideas for an agile information centre The Architecture Information Centre Finland was established three years ago to promote knowledge about Finnish architecture both nationally and abroad. During these first years the …

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Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Finnish pavilion in Venice

Building the Finnish Pavilion for the Venice Biennale in 1956. © Museum of Finnish Architecture.

This summer marks not only the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice but the 60th anniversary of the Finnish pavilion. The pavilion was designed by Alvar Aalto in 1955–56 with the intention that it could be dismantled and stored away in-between the biennales. Because of some mishaps during the construction of the prefabricated wooden wall and roof units, this idea never realised. By courtesy of …

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Aalto loved Italy and Italians love Aalto

Alvar Aalto's sketch for the Riola church and parish centre. Bologna, Riola di Vergato, Piazza Alvar Aalto. 1966–69, 1975–80, 1984–85. © Alvar Aalto Museum.

Once again Italy pays tribute to the famous Finnish architect and designer, Alvar Aalto. In 1964, the Milan Polytechnic awarded him an Honorary Degree in occasion of its centenary. This year, it organized an international seminar entitled “Alvar Aalto e l’Italia”, Alvar Aalto and Italy. The 2-day conference was held on 13–14 January, 2016 in the Rogers lecture hall of …

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Redefining Luxury in Housing

Housing transformation, Saint-Nazaire, La Chesnaie. Lacaton & Vassal Architectes.

In his recent keynote lecture at the annual Architecture Day seminar, French architect Jean-Philippe Vassal of Lacaton & Vassal Architectes challenged the audience to rethink about the concept of luxury in housing. The following interview with him was originally published in Finnish in Arkkitehtiuutiset 2/2016. Architect Jean-Philippe Vassal gave a presentation at an Architecture Day seminar held in Helsinki on …

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