Images from a perspective without horizons

Ulla-Maija Alanen: Sikisi / Conceived, 2013.

Review of Ulla-Maija Alanen’s Human Space art exhibition at the Alvar Aalto Museum Gallery, Jyväskylä (7 February – 30 March 2014).    Architectonic experiences are often depicted either as impressions linked to the use of space or moods that arise from the space. In modern art-speak, the notion of the observer has extended from the gaze to corporality, emphasising the …

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Lecture series on Aalto at Aalto

Alvar Aalto. Vuoksenniska Church (1958). Photo: Archinfo / AV (2013).

In need of an update of one’s your knowledge about Alvar Aalto? Why not consider attending some academic lectures at the Aalto University, Department of Architecture? During the spring term 2014, the Chair of History of Architecture at the Aalto University, School of ARTS, offers a comprehensive series of lectures on Alvar Aalto’s architecture entitled Alvar Aalto –Relevance today. Venue: Lecture hall …

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AR picks Rudanko + Kankkunen in the 30 under 30 selection

Sra Pou Vocational School, Cambodia. Photo credits: Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen / Anssi Kankkunen

The prominent architectural magazine The Architectural Review has selected Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen from Helsinki, Finland, in their 2014 list of 3o projects by 30 architects under 30 years old. The 30 under 30 series, according to AR’s web site, “challenge the tired stereotype of architecture as an old man’s game.” Both Hilla Rudanko (b. 1987) and Anssi Kankkunen (b. 1983) received their …

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Found in Translation: Re-Creation in Shenzhen, China

Re-Creation. Installation by Lassila & Hirvilammi Architects at Shenzhen biennale, 2014. Photo: Pekka Turunen / MFA.

In the comedy-drama Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola, 2003), the main characters meet in Tokyo, but despite their apparent mutual attraction, the couple face intrinsic loneliness as they become to realise an irreconcilable difference between their life situations. The translatability of meanings seems to work more agreeably in architecture than in relationships. Museum of Finnish Architecture has taken an intriguing …

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I ♥ Finland: Roger Connah

Roger Connah

The web journal opens with a column by Roger Connah (b. Chester, England, 1950), a writer, independent scholar and researcher based in Ruthin, North Wales. Connah lived in Finland for almost 2 decades after which he has travelled, worked and taught in Sweden, India, Pakistan, USA and is now currently associate professor at Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa (after being …

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Close-Up: Steeply Progressive

Restaudant Day hot spots

Ever since the heydays of Nokia, Finland has loved to profile herself as a high-tech country full of unreserved enthusiasm and creative innovativeness. Pertaining to deployment of technology in architecture, the cherished image has remained fiction. One of few trailblazers is architect Jyrki Vanamo who has set up his career in architecture, urban life, service design and IT. “Houses and …

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It is all about people! Listening to Ewa Westermark in Helsinki

Westermark lecture

Ewa Westermark lecturing in Helsinki 16 December 2013 It is somehow absurd to look at an auditorium full of architects and planners and see a slide declaring “It is all about people!” Did we not know that already? Apparently, this fundamental message had happily been forgotten, and we must thank Ewa Westermark, architect and partner at Gehl Architects, for bringing …

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New Interpretation on Images, Textuality and Derrida in Architecture


Architect Sari Tähtinen has added a new, intriguing chapter on theory of architecture with her dissertation Writing architecture: Textual image practices – a textual approach in architectural research (Aalto ARTS Books, 2013). The thesis discusses the fluctuating and unsteady character of images in contemporary architectural discourse. According to Tähtinen, the architect works, above all, with images. The architect is an image-maker. Tähtinen suggests, …

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Photo Poem: Kulttuuritalo by Marc Goodwin

Photo Poem: Kultturitalo by Marc Goodwin © Architecture Information Centre Finland 2014

Kulttuuritalo (The House of Culture, Helsinki) has a legendary status in the Helsinki scenery. For decades, its distinctive architecture designed by Alvar Aalto has stood guard of Sturenkatu, one of the the arterial road east of the city centre. Despite the strictly political origins of the building, it has managed to house a number of events that have affected all …

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