is an edited web journal targeted at an international audience interested in Finnish architecture. Its core mission is to contribute a Finnish vantage point to the Who, What, and Where of architecture and to provide insight into contemporary architecture and architectural practice in Finland. The journal operates with an agile mind, and with a love and passion for all aspects of the art of building.

The contents of the journal are organised under three sections. Brand New aims to capture the very latest: we interview topical architects and present the context to new projects. Bubbling Under operates on the borderlines of architecture: the focus is on emerging architecture, projects and people that contribute something new to received ideas or existing conventions. The Classics is dedicated to the masters and masterpieces of Finnish architecture, to bring the reader up to speed on the historic gems and their producers. In addition to these three segments, provides Event coverage and reports on the latest in education and research in Finland. We also celebrate the art of architecture in the category titled SpecialPhoto Poems are unique visual studies of architecture with no compulsory compliance with conventional architectural photography. wants to provide a space for the artist behind the camera and let architecture speak for itself. Our I ♥ Finland series encourages notable international architects and scholars to share their thoughts about Finland and its architecture.

The publisher of is Architecture Information Centre Finland (Arkkitehtuurin tiedotuskeskus). The Centre acts as a hub for advancing general knowledge about Finnish architecture and promotes collaboration in the field. The Centre was established in 2012 by five major organisations in the field of architecture in Finland: the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Alvar Aalto Foundation, the Finnish Association of Architects, The Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices, and the Building Information Foundation. Since the Centre is one of eight information centres in the cultural field in Finland, it is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. web journal is registered as an electronic serial ISSN 2342-6624. The journal is a member of the Association for Cultural, Scientific and Advocacy Magazines (Kultti ry).

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