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Finnish Architectural Review 3/2014: More Fashion and Art!


Fashionable often implies shallowness – at least in architecture. However, cultural editor Jonni Roos disagrees. He sees the relationship between fashion and architecture as presenting a fruitful landscape full of potential. The ability of fashion to express human desire and longing is an area architecture could learn from. The latest issue of the Finnish Architectural Review Arkkitehti highlights the interrelations …

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Grey Matter: Experimental Architectural Photography at MFA


Interested in architectural photography? If yes, then head to the Museum of Finnish Architecture as there is now a great opportunity to compare the established practice of architectural presentation to a more creative and polemical approach to shooting buildings.  Grey Matter is an exhibition by students of architecture and photography from Aalto University, taking a look at new urban developments in …

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Images from a perspective without horizons

Ulla-Maija Alanen: Sikisi / Conceived, 2013.

Review of Ulla-Maija Alanen’s Human Space art exhibition at the Alvar Aalto Museum Gallery, Jyväskylä (7 February – 30 March 2014).    Architectonic experiences are often depicted either as impressions linked to the use of space or moods that arise from the space. In modern art-speak, the notion of the observer has extended from the gaze to corporality, emphasising the …

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