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Finnish Architectural Review 4/2015: Schools & Guggenheim


The newest issue of the Finnish Architectural Review addresses two topical themes: the Guggenheim Helsinki architectural competition, which gained a lot of media coverage during the summer, and the current domestic boom in school building, of which two impressive cases are presented. Guggenheim Helsinki is a unique urban design and museum project due to its enormous media visibility. The issue launches an extensive presentation …

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Materiality and the Magic of Light. Wolfgang Jean Stock on sacral architecture in Finland in the 21st century

Otaniemi Chapel by architects Heikki and Kaija Siren. Competition in 1954, completed in 1957. Photo: Marc Goodwin.

Wolfgang Jean Stock, the German historian and architecture critic and esteemed scholar of Finnish architecture, has recently published a book about Finnish churches and chapels of the 21st century. By courtesy of the Finnish Architectural Review 2/2015, we are proud to re-publish his article discussing contemporary religious architecture in Finland. Materiality and the Magic of Light All great Finnish architects …

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Finnish Architectural Review 3/2015: The small-scale city


The newest issue of the Finnish Architectural Review discusses small scale especially within the framework of urban housing.  Professor Hannu Huttunen highlights an alternative to tall and big which have in recent years dominated the debate about the Finnish city. According to Huttunen, a vibrant city can grow also at a small scale. For example, in the metropolis of London, …

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Finnish Architectural Review 2/2015: Nieto & Sobejano, On criticism, Five houses


The Finnish Architectural Review 2/2015 portrays Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano, a Madrid-based architect couple. They were awarded the Alvar Aalto Medal in February, 2015, as an acknowledgement of significant architectural work. The architects are known for their exquisite museum designs. The Arvo Pärt Centre in Estonia is one of the designs currently at the planning stage. Important themes in …

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Finnish Architectural Review 1/2015: Young ideas


The Finnish Architectural Review 1/2015 discusses architecture with young architects. According to their commentary, the future makers want to bring architecture into people’s everyday lives. The role of starchitect is no longer interesting. The younger generation wants to work together with the users, determine design projects in a new way, fight the climate change and increase global equality by designing …

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Finnish Architectural Review 6/2014: Art Museums


This year private art museums have been topical in Finland: Serlachius Museum Gösta’s Pavilion was opened in Mänttä, Amos Andersson Art Museum is planning new premises in the centre of Helsinki, and the small Didrichsen Art Museum renovated its premises originally designed by Viljo Revell and reopened with an Edvard Munch exhibition. In the Finnish media, however, all this has …

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Finnish Architectural Review 5/2014: Care architecture


The newest issue of the Finnish Architectural Review focuses on contemporary hospital architecture. The review discusses the changing ideals of care facilities and presents hospital designs from various parts of Finland. Healthcare systems are changing in Finland even though the protracted reform of health and social welfare services appears to be bogged down. At the same time, hospitals are being rebuilt: …

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The User – a Thousand-Headed Monster?

Image by Juho Hiilivirta for Antti Pirinen's essay in The Finnish Architectural Review 4/2014. Image by courtesy of ARK.

Antti Pirinen, who recently finished his doctor of arts degree at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, His dissertation entitled Dwelling as Product: Perspectives on Housing, Users and the Expansion of Design (Aalto ARTS Books 2014) argued that dwelling increasingly resembles other industrial products and as such, should be approached as a composite adaptive product embedded in material reality that mediates the intentions of producers, designers, …

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Finnish Architectural Review 4/2014: A Socially Richer Everyday Life


Community-oriented housing brings something new to the otherwise one-sided housing production in Finland. Architect Anna Helamaa writes about the principles of cohousing, including examples from Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. “Communal dining, car-sharing and neighbourly help alleviate everyday stress and make living socially richer,” states Helamaa. At its best, architecture encourages encounters and supports the objectives of cooperation. There are …

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