Happy Quasquicentennial, J. S. Sirén

J. S. Siren in the 1950s. By courtesy of Museum of Finnish Architecture.

The 27th of May marks the anniversary of one of the legendary Greats in the history of Finnish architecture. Johan (Juho) Sigfrid Sirén, born 27.5.1889 in Ylihärmä, is best known for his design for the Parliament House in Helsinki, Finland. The building was constructed between 1926–31, and its design is based on the winning entry by Sirén and architects Kaarlo Borg and …

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Finnish Architectural Review 2/2014: Are we protecting Aalto to death?


Are we protecting Aalto to death? This is what Aalto researcher and Yale University Professor Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen asks. She warns us about unnecessary sterilisation and turning buildings into empty museums. When the protection of buildings is taken to extremes, instead of remembering our history, it can cause us loss of memory. Pelkonen reflects upon the criteria that set Aalto’s buildings …

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Grey Matter: Experimental Architectural Photography at MFA


Interested in architectural photography? If yes, then head to the Museum of Finnish Architecture as there is now a great opportunity to compare the established practice of architectural presentation to a more creative and polemical approach to shooting buildings.  Grey Matter is an exhibition by students of architecture and photography from Aalto University, taking a look at new urban developments in …

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Architecture and Atmosphere Seminar 2 June 2014


Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation organises a seminar on architecture and atmosphere to be held at the Finnish Film Foundation, auditorium Kino K-13 in Katajanokka, Helsinki, on Monday 2 June, 2014 at 15:00–18:30. How is the atmosphere of a space created? How do architecture and design contribute to the atmosphere? The concluding panel discussion will be led by Professor Juhani Pallasmaa. …

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Let’s Build a School! Focus Jorge Raedó

Let's Build a School opera project by Jorge Raedó

The Alvar Aalto Museum’s spring exhibition in April 2014 displayed the results of a unique collaborative project: an architectural opera Let’s Build the School! produced by the pupils of Onerva Mäki School for hearing and visually impaired children in Jyväskylä. Annukka Pakarinen from Alvar Aalto Museum interviewed the opera’s Spanish director, theatre director Jorge Raedó, about his experiences in working with children and about his interdisciplinary art education …

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Exhibition of Aalto’s collaborators at Studio Aalto

Lappeenranta University of Technology (1969) by Jaakko Kontio and Kalle Räike, Valkeakoski Cultural and administrative center (1966) by Kaarlo Leppänen, and Jägarbacken housing in Tammisaari (1967) by Eric Adlercreutz and Nils-Hinrik Aschan.

A new exhibition at Studio Aalto in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki takes viewers on a journey into the works of architects for whom Aalto’s office was a springboard to fame. The exhibition focuses on the architects Jaakko Kontio, Kaarlo Leppänen and Eric Adlercreutz and it is based on Miguel Borges de Araújo’s forthcoming PhD thesis. “The items in the exhibition are from the latter …

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A moment with Rik Nys from David Chipperfield Architects

Nobel Centre, Stockholm. Competition entry, detail façade. ©David Chipperfield Architects

David Chipperfield Architects has made their noiseless but resolute way up to the very top of contemporary architecture. Their latest achievement is the 1st prize in the competition to design the new Nobel Centre in Stockholm. Rik Nys, DCA’s senior director, visited Finland in March 2014 and spared Miina Blot, assistant editor of  the Finnish Architectural Review, a moment for an interview. A knight and his squire …

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Finnish success in Wolfsburg Bildungshaus competition


An international team lead by architect Esa Ruskeepää from Finland has been chosen among the three finalists in the open architectural competition for Wolfsburg Bildungshaus in Germany. The brief was to design c. 16.700 square meters for the new city library, media centre, adult education centre and extension for an existing secondary school building. The competition site is located close to …

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Rebellious New Dutch


It was almost full house at the Museum of Finnish Architecture on Monday 5 May for Indira van ‘t Klooster to lecture about the updated ideals of new Dutch architecture. Ms. Klooster is the editor-in-chief of A10, an architectural magazine dedicated to disseminate knowledge about contemporary architecture from the pan-European perspective. Her visit to Finland was initiated and facilitated by …

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Usko Nyström–Petrelius–Penttilä at MFA

Suomalainen teatteri [Finnish theatre], presently Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki, sketches, Usko Nyström 17.12.1898. Orig. MFA.

The small exhibition hall of the Museum of Finnish Architecture has presented three inspiring architects from the Art Nouveau era. The curator, PhD Eija Rauske at MFA writes about Usko Nyström, Albert Petrelius and Vilho Penttilä and the meaning of their career for Finnish architecture. Expertise, skill, style – Presenting Usko Nyström–Petrelius–Penttilä The small exhibition hall of the Museum of Finnish Architecture currently presents …

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